Joseph Maduma
August 27th 2014
Ant 1

Cold-pressed juices and cleanses are the latest kids on the ‘healthy’ block . Although they may be good for you, a lot of brands are not doing a good job of  actually calculating the all-around benefits, and then communicating those benefits to the consumer in an easy-to-understand way. Many of them vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and other great-for-you ingredients, consumers can easily be left in the dark when it comes knowing how or why these actually work when it comes to your health and your body.

Antidote is a new cold-pressed organic juice range that is looking to cut through the ‘consumer confusion’ and buck the trend. Based around “carefully calculated” nutrients, they position their juices in a different manner, as a cure to an unhealthy lifestyle,. Each juice has its own core function that is beautifully and clearly represented in the bottle’s packaging and design.

Anti 2

Unlike regular fruit juices, Antidote uses premeditated nutrients in their juices, which the packaging the packaging design is influenced by. In a statement, the brand says, “The logo subtly incorporates a geometric drop with two leaves, taken forward on each label with added illustrations that carve out a distinct identity for each cleanse.”

Additionally, the juice comes in an amber apothecary-like glass bottle to symbolize its antidote properties, and to signify a “cure” to an unhealthy lifestyle.

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