UNICEF: Own a Colour

Joseph Maduma
October 5th 2011
Unicef Own a Colour 1
Unicef own a colour 2

Like the very best fundraising ideas this is achingly simple yet brilliantly emotive. Who doesn’t have a favourite colour? And who dosn’t like to help a great charity do great things, such as save a life? Well that’s exactly what Unicef and Dulux thought when they teamed up on this joint creative charity venture. It couldn’t be more straight forward, you own a colour and help save a life. There are 16.7 million colours that a smartphone  screen can display, so you’ve got a fair few to choose from! For a donation as small as £1 you can have your name next to your favourite colour and some big name doners that include the likes of Duncan Bannatyne, Matt Dawson and Sir Roger Moore. If everyone donates just £1 that’s 17 million pounds going straight to help Unicef save lives.

UNICEF Good Will ambassador, Sir Roger Moore explains more:

Unicef own a colour cover