Hope Made Visable


Good Design exists to champion design and creativity that is created both sustainably and has a positive social impact. It is an advocate for those who challenge the status quo and present new ways of doing and seeing.

Our mission is to inspire a future where all design is created with both sustainability and social impact at the heart of the design process. These considerations should be as important as the font picked, the colour used and the style created. They should not be considered the reserve of  ’green’ or ‘sustainable’ design but instead sit alongside all major design decisions with equal weight when creating what we understand as simply good design.

Good Design takes a holistic approach to the meaning of the word design. It is as much about designing new systems, business models and services as it is about beautification and desirability.

It is about inspiring people to create real tangible solutions to the problems we face as a society. It’s about seeing sustainability as a creative opportunity not a limitation. It’s about doing more with less and believing in better.

Good Design is hope made visible.

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