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As a creative working in the advertising and branding industries I often get the chance to work on some exciting briefs for charity campaigns and social impact brands. At the ideas generation stage however it is all to easy to miss a vital link that could make the campaign go from good to great! This can often be something like missing a day or event that is associated with the charity or brand’s mission and something you kick yourself about afterwards for not having spotted. And I’m not the only one.  Thomas Kolster, author of Goodvertising, has experienced this along with thousands of other creatives around the globe, so he decided to do something about it and make it easy for creatives to plan campaigns for good.

Every day people, brands and organisations fight for causes they are passionate about. To focus on the great efforts they’re making and the needy cause, many have chosen to dedicate a day or month out of the year to increase the awareness surrounding them. Some were started and are supported by bodies such as the UN, and others are days created by brands.


Most days are honoured by special drives, initiatives and functions that culminate on the day of dedication, raising funds, support and, most importantly, awareness for the cause. However, these days can be used for more than just creating awareness around worthy causes. They can also be used by advertising and branding professionals to coincide with, or act as the pinnacle of, campaigns surrounding a similar topic, cause or message.  Garnier, for example, launched the world’s first 100% recycled newspaper on World Environment Day in partnership with the Times of India, with the intention of encouraging  Indian young people to become actively involved in environmental work.

So what are you waiting for? Use the Calender for Good to plan your campaign to coincide with existing designated days, or claim one of the many days not yet designated and create your own! Buy one for yourself, studio or agency here.

Calender for Good also now comes in Google Calender form! Check it out here.

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Designed by Shaun McCormack Concept by Goodvertising Poster A2 (594×420) MM Comes without a frame.