WWF’s #savecerrado campaign

Joseph Maduma
May 8th 2011
WWF Hand Puppet Cover
WWF Cerrado 1
WWF Cerrado 2
WWF Cerrado 3

WWF have been producing some fantastic creative work recently and this latest effort from Brighton based studio Neo Creative is no exception. The 60 second film is the centre of a wider integrated online campaign by the team and “is designed to raise awareness of the destruction of the little-known but incredibly important Cerrado region in Brazil – and to highlight the small way in which UK consumers can help save this amazing place”. The Cerrado is close to the Amazon rainforest (it’s famous bigger brother) and is home to 5% of all life on earth. Unfortunately though, due to extensive commercial agriculture, the majority of which is soya farming, this precious resource of biodiversity is disappearing faster than the Amazon.  The campaign asks consumers to take action by emailing their local supermarkets asking them to buy soya that doesn’t cause deforestation. Like the previous ‘We Are All Connected‘ campaign which I blogged about back in February, this 60 second film really needs little explanation in terms of creative execution other than that it uses an ingenious hand shadow technique from South American magician El Mago Serpico. It’s just best to be watched.

Update 9/05/11

New ‘making of’  video just released today! Fascinating, enjoy!

WWF Making of Hand Cover