Nike: The Making of Making

Joseph Maduma
March 13th 2013
Nike Better World Cover video
Nike the Making of Making

Sometimes surfing the internet you come across something so good that you say to yourself: 'how did I miss this when it was first released?'. This was the case when I came across the above film produced last year by Wieden+Kennedy Portland for Nike: The Making Of Making. Leading on superbly from their A Better World film, The Making of Making uses rousing copy delivered with the same mix of balshy, in your face optimism that only Nike can conjour up.

Personally it couldn't have come at a more relevant time as I am in the middle of writing a manifesto for the new site launch of Good Design next month (stay tuned!) so it really spoke to me as a great piece of passionate communication. The film was created for the launch of the  in partnership with Random Hacks of Kindness, an organization of developers and programmers that seeks to develop practical open technology and it's a rallying cry by Nike to ask manufactures and innovators to utilize sustainable materials in accordance with the Nike Sustainable Materials Index. Essentially a microsite, the index allows makers of things to evaluate the materials they’re using according to their environmental impact, from waste to water to energy.

Put simply it's excellent. It speaks about design and sustainability in a way that inspires, energises and makes you want to jump out of your chair and go and make a difference. Just as with A Better World, Nike has once again shown how to communicate sustainability, not just in a niche 'in-crowd' language that the converted understand but in a mainstream one that the advocates of tomorrow, the ones that will really make the difference (and don't even know it yet) actually understand.

See below for the other great examples of Nike communicating sustainability.

Nike better world cover
Nike: Better World
Nike Better World Video Cover 2
Nike: Better World Promo

Credits for ‘The Making of Making’
Director: Britton Caillouette (High/Low)
Producer: Keenan Newman (High/Low)
Executive Producer: Emily Fincher
Agency: W+K Portland
Copywriter and V/O: Rob Lewis
Creative Director: Antony Goldstein