Camp Nothing

Joseph Maduma
July 25th 2013

It’s official, Good For Nothing, one of Good Design’s favourite collaborative platforms for social impact is expanding! And they need you and your neighbourhood.

Last year, Good for Nothing kickstarted new chapters in Brighton, Bristol, Manchester and Wellington NZ where they reported amazing feedback from each city. Grassroots communities of creative doers have emerged, collaborating around local systemic issues and helping to accelerate the work of change makers and social entrepreneurs. At the same time they are learning by doing, building new skills, sharing ideas and having a laugh! And doing all of this for nothing.

It’s giving but not as we know it. So this year they’re hoping to get more Good for Nothing happening in more places. With support from Nesta’s Innovation in Giving fund last year, they have built the basis of a new web platform and have invested in developing a web-based toolbox and wiki to help new chapters get going and provide support resources.

They have also developed some new formats, GFN in a Pub ( a 24 hr version) sits alongside, 24/48 hr sessions, as well as social and web based offerings.

GFN Cover 1
Watch to see how GFN like to get stuff done

All this positive ‘doing’ has led to their latest initiative ‘Camp Nothing‘, a gathering of smart folk to nurture and launch 15 new Good for Nothing chapters across the country. The objective is simple: they are inviting applications from the smartest, creative, most resourceful, soulful doers, dreamers and change makers from 15 cities in England and Wales to head up and grow GFN in their communities.

They’re looking for 2 to 3 folk from each place covering the span of backgrounds and local networks that we know makes Good for Nothing go off – social business, innovation, sustainability, communications, design and technology. These individuals will then join the GFN team for a 48 hour weekend of doing, making, learning and mentoring from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd September.

You’ll work first hand on live Good for Nothing challenges with social entrepreneurs, you’ll get taken through the formats, toolkits and resources developed by the GFN community, you’ll get one on one mentoring from the GFN founders, current chapter leaders and wider community. You’ll also eat great food, listen to some inspiring talks, enjoy music and get to meet, collaborate and laugh with a bunch of awesome change makers from across the UK

Oh, and they also have a sound system to keep you going!

Then when you go back to your hood, you’ll start your chapter, choosing a GFN format and landing your first gig by the end of 2013. And then the real adventure begins.

Does all this sound like it’s speaking to the driven socially minded creative inside you just dying to do some good? If so, what are you waiting for? and start doing some good in your hood (they’re a lovely bunch).