Good for Nothing

Joseph Maduma
May 31st 2011



good for nothing manifesto

Regular readers of this blog and the more astute among you might have noticed a wee bit of a linking theme following through from last week’s post ‘Good Work’, now ‘Good for Nothing’…and of course, ‘Good Design!’. Well what can I say, great minds think alike! And the work that is being done over in the ‘Good for Nothing’ camp at the moment is definitely great. In fact it is exactly the kind of work that is precisely what I like to champion on this blog and which really makes me happy I set it up in the first place.

Good for Nothing is the social mission of The Pipeline Project, a social innovation agency that ‘works closely with people who are trying to make …. positive change happen. From global brands to social enterprises.’ There is no commercial agenda, they give their time, money and energy to do stuff that supports people trying to make positive impact and change happen. They currently do this in two ways. The first is by means of drop-in-sessions that they are currently running with Bethnal Green Ventures where they offer innovation, brand and communication consultation to social enterprise start-ups. And the second is through creative, collaboration gigs that they describe as ‘Creative collaboration meets rave’. These gigs involve all types of creatives across the creative spectrum coming together over a 48h period on a weekend and doing some good, for nothing. The second of these events happened last weekend involving some cracking briefs from GnewtCargoFoodCycle and Bletchley Park. There is food, beer, djs and even ping pong to keep the creative juices flowing and at the end of the weekend there is a ‘show and tell’ for each group before the work is made live. Sounds like Good Design heaven! There is a brilliant write up about the weekend on the Eye Magazine blog and you can also see the video below from last December’s event for an idea of the kind of ‘very good’ work (and play) that gets done.

GFN Cover 1

If you are interested to find out more and become part of their online Ning group and receive updates about upcoming events (I for one have just signed up!) then just follow this link. Unfortunately I just missed out on last week’s event but hopefully I’ll definitely be able to be involved in the next one and the next blog post will be a write up of the event itself! Hopefully see you there too!