Pimp My Cause

Joseph Maduma
July 10th 2011
Pimp My Cause Cover

Contrary to what this websites name might suggest, this has nothing to do with gangsta rappers or Tim Westwood going around the U.K. and ‘pimping’ the offices of charities and NGOs (although there maybe a T.V. show in that…?!). All joking aside, Pimp My Cause is actually a fantastic new web based platform that ‘brings together worth while causes with talented marketers’. The brain child of , the founder of Blue Marble Consulting, Pimp My Cause aims to provide professional marketing, web-development and graphic design support for charities, NGOs, and social enterprises.


Pimp My Cause presents marketers with a unique opportunity to broaden their experience and skill base, whilst giving something back. Larger companies can use it to boost staff morale, elevate the company profile and educate their staff about social and environmental issues facing today’s sustainable businesses. Small agencies and independent/freelance marketeers can use it as a chance to showcase their abilities and help build their portfolios. In the words of Paul Skinner “Good causes in need of marketing support and exceptional marketers looking to donate their talent to the project of their choice will now be able to browse and search for the best matches online, using much the same mechanism used in online dating sites.”

The initiative has already managed to attract some well known names in the world of markerting, design and branding. One of which is Alex Epstien, made famous from the last series (series 6) of The Apprentice. Alex is the first volunteer in the Pimp My Cause hall of fame to help one of the member causes. He will be leading the new brand statergy campaign for UK Youth, that supports 75,000 young people each year. In his own words “By ‘adopting’ a good cause, talented people can help make a big difference, sharing powerful ideas, expertise and creative thought. Pimp My Cause is a new era for charitable organisations – and I’m a staunch supporter!”.

Paul has worked with a variety of different big name brands including L’Oreal, Siemens, Toshiba and Panasonic, but it was whilst working for General Electrics ‘Eco-imagination‘ project that he claims to have got his inspiration for a career in sustainable communications.

It’s an excellent initiative and to find out more about it and it’s founder click here