• Test Space: Sampler

    Leeds based agency Test Space open their London showcase ‘Test Space: Sampler.‘

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  • The Art of Winning: Poster Competition

    Taking inspiration from The Olympics coming to LDN, LBB and Boxpark Shoreditch will be featuring 14 of the best poster designs that showcase what the ‘art of winning’ looks like.

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  • Method: “Clean Happy”

    Eric Ryan wants the brand’s personality to be “fun and human” describing the new campaign as “Flight of the Conchords, meets Willy Wonka”.

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  • Sugru: ‘Hack Things Better’

    Introducing Sugru, an affordable, silicone rubber clay that can be used for well, pretty much anything!

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07. 02. 2011
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A brand for the ‘COMMON’ good

  They say that out of a crisis comes opportunity. As fossil fuels become a precious commodity, we seek new forms of sustainable energy; as traditional financial business models crash, new more creative...

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28. 01. 2011
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Greenbook is the winning concept of the Open Planet Ideas design challenge and a fine one it is too! Open Planet Ideas is a collaborative crowd-sourcing initiative between Sony, WWF and design and innovation...

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19. 01. 2011
Cafe of Equivalent$

Top 10 good designs / ideas of 2010

Ok ok, a little late I know, we’re already pretty much well established into 2011 but I thought what better way to kick off Good Design’s first official blog post than with a...

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13. 01. 2011
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Design Council - Good Design Plan

Making the world a better place, one good design at a time.

Hello and welcome to Good Design. My name is Joseph Maduma. I am a graphic designer and design thinker. This blog is a collection of my thoughts, things that inspire me, things that...

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