Inspirational talks found on my journeys through the internet. Themes range from creativity and communications through to brands and social enterprise. Hope they inspire you as much as they have me.

    Michael Wolff: Don’t Overvalue Your Experience












      Michael Wolff, one of the most prolific and leading voices on identity design in the world; on how to channel creativity, keep an open mind and use what he terms a creative’s most important ‘three muscles’: appreciation, curiosity and imagination. An absoulte must watch for all creatives. (click on the image to play)

      Gabe Zichermann – The Business Value Of Fun

      Eye opening talk on how the mechanism of gaming and social networking is changing the thinking of business and how it can help brands bring about behaviour change. Examples from VW, Google and Facebook. . (click on the image to play)

      JR’s TED Prize wish: Use art to turn the world inside out

      Remarkable TED Prize winning French street artist JR talks about his simple yet strikingly effective street art projects from the favelas of Rio to the slums of Nairobi and his latest project ‘The Inside Out Project’ which opens up his work for everyone to be involved.

      Mathew Taylor – Enlightened Enterprise

      In his annual Chief Executive’s lecture Matthew Taylor explores how business and brands can combine a strategy for competitive success with a commitment to social good.

      The Mad Men We Love to Hate: Our changing relationship with advertising

      An RSA debate exploring our changing relationship with advertising. An expert panel consider how and why the world of Mad Men has been consigned to the history books. Is this the result of a more empowered public and shifting patterns of consumption in a fast-changing economic and communications landscape?

      Ed Gillespie – Sustainability the reinvention of progress

      Passinonate and humorous TED talk from Futerra’s Ed Gillespie on communicating sustainabilty and creating a positive vision of the future.

      IDEO’s Owen Rogers, Sustainability as a Brand

      Inspiring and thought provoking talk by IDEO’s Owen Rogers using case studies from existing brands such as MUJI, Starbucks and Nike to show how we can think of sustainability as a brand and make it sing.

      Simon Mainwaring: We-First Capitalism

      Ex-Nike/Wieden creative and former Worldwide Creative Director Motorola/Ogilvy speaks on how brands and consumers can use social media to build a better world.

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