30. 04. 2012

IDEO’s HCD Connect

For those unfamiliar with IDEO, they are one of the world’s leading design and innovation agencies. They champion ‘design thinking’ as a methodology and approach that sits at the centre of their work....

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16. 04. 2012

Method: “Clean Happy”

Having been awarded the best brand of 2011 earlier this year here on Good Design, I was very keen to see where Method were going to take things marketing wise this year. Traditionally...

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03. 04. 2012

Make/Time with Good For Nothing

*Warning, the following blog post contains gushing praise. Those with a disposition against repeated compliments, please leave now*. Yes folks at the weekend, after admiring fan-boyishly from afar, Good Design finally got to...

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25. 03. 2012

Sony’s new volunteering app: +U

I am excited about Sony’s new smart-phone app +U for two reasons, firstly because it really has the potential to accelerate volunteering and sustainable actions on a micro level and secondly because I...

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08. 01. 2012
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Top 10 ‘Good Bits’ of 2011

Well here we are, the other side of another full rotation of the earth! Like most of you Good Design is running off the lethargy and cranking up the gears again  for another...

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13. 01. 2011
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Design Council - Good Design Plan

Making the world a better place, one good design at a time.

Hello and welcome to Good Design. My name is Joseph Maduma. I am a graphic designer and design thinker. This blog is a collection of my thoughts, things that inspire me, things that...

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